June 2 – Out of Event 8

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The last few days flew by. I have been doing a ton of writing lately (almost entirely done with the PF section of my book), and revamping pieces of my MTT game (cash game mentality is a real killer in certain MTT spots). Today I took off from that and went to play Event 8 (a $1.5K event). I met up with El Nino, KurtSF, pfapfap, and Dabomb and did breakfast at 9 (tourny starts at noon). Was nice to do it as it got my poker brain started early (talks of polarization and 3b/flat ranges before noon is always a fun way to start a day, lol). Def going to be chilling out with the uFR house a lil bit while they’re out here.

The event was pretty boring. I never got any traction which was annoying. I had a great table composition though, with 2 super nits on my left (that literally let me steal with a 2.25x raise 18/19 times), one guy on my right who didn’t seem to interested in fighting for these awesome steal spots, and some fish across the table. I just never got a hand to mix in vs. the fish, and the steal spots were janky because the fish kept fucking open limping. I stayed around starting stack most of the day until the blinds really jumped and then all I could do was make a squeezeship with AJs that of course ran into QQ and AK (although QQ open-folded pf, lol, and of course the board came KT5 just to laugh in my face). O well…5 more shots left =)
Random things:
1.) I had Freddy Deeb at my table today…for all of the 15 minutes his stack lasted. I also overheard him and Humberto Brenes talking about Chicklets. For some odd reason this made me LOL, literally.
2.) There were 3 people at my table wearing sunglasses in a situation where one was in MP, one OTB, and one in the SB when i was in the BB. I announced that if anyone wearing sunglasses were to raise that I would shove on them. 2 of them removed their sunglasses before looking at their cards.
3.) There is no better feeling than betting 1/4 pot and winning
4.) I have been aipf 7 times (mostly versus stacks smaller than mine, ldo) and have won only one of them (AA v KK).
5.) A man at my table won 8/8 of the times he got it aipf with various equities (some behind, some ahead, some coinflip). He refused to believe that he was running good
6.) Online players are funny when they play live. They all tend to think the same way and at the same speed, which makes playing against them a hilarious adventure.
That is all from me tonight. I’m off to crash. Also, I did a 53 the other day which sets my new course record. Maybe I’ll break that between now and my next WSOP event on Saturday.


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