June 30 – A Very Quick Post Before Bed

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A list of things that have happened in the last few days:
– Met up with OnaFlag and did sushi with him and his friend. Also played lots of Chinese (because one cannot eat at Naked Fish without playing Chinese poker as well)
– I am playing awfully at disc golf lately, averaging about 56.5/session. Either my putt game or approach game has been really shit
– I got the new Eminem album and am still up in the air about it
– Of the 22 chapters in my book, 14 are done and all but 3 are started
– I have a rediculous sunburn on my back from playing disc golf one day without a shirt. You can blatantly make out where on my back I could reach with sunblock, and where I could not, lol
– I ate at Mesa tonight with the aussies (Skelm and Johnny) and a lot of FR grinders (100NL-1!K grinders)


– I paid $20 for a wrist band knowing I was going to have to drive home. What a terrible investment, lol
– Got to talk some awesome strat with LaceyK which was interesting (as his game is self-built and very dynamically built)
– I busted out of event 49 the other day. Almost made dinner break, but failed. Made a “meh” squeeze and of course ran into 2 nut hands. Go me!
– I reached a zen point in event 49 where I just felt no pressure to do anything (no aggro bluffs, nothing unnecessary)
– I am looking forward to my event on Friday
– I bought a $5 app for my iphone that allows me to play Chinese poker at any time. I LOL’d at myself for buying such a thing
– I am writing an article for 2p2. Or at least I think it is for 2p2. It is about mental and emotional output and how to reconsider things better
– I am 4-1 on Scrabble games this week

Ok, that is all. I just wanted to get something written before I went to sleep. Hope all is well!


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