June 6 – Worst Flights Ever…

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I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as an awesome flight. I left Vegas at about 11p PDT and all went off without a hitch. However, when I was printing my tickets I noticed that my seat assignment had changed from when I bought them (I always pre-choose my seats to ensure I don’t get window seats as being claustrophobic doesn’t work well with window seats). Apparently, some jack-ass thought it would be funny to press “Inverse” on all my selections and I was so lucky as to not only have window seats on my first flight, but also my connector!

First flight was meh. I fell asleep before we took off and figured I would sleep until I caught my connector in Indiana, about a 3hr flight. However, I woke up about 20min into the flight and could not for the life of me fall asleep. My ADD has been really bad for the last few days, and it was kicking my ass on the plane. I could not sit still, could not sleep, it was terrible. I also couldn’t get up and walk around because there were 2 fat people blocking my path to the isle…FML.

Got to Indiana and connected to my flight. Not only another window seat, but also on one of those smaller planes that leaves your knees in your stomach. Quite possibly the most uncomfortable flight of my life. Also, the dude on my left was wreaking of curry, so FML once again. I just wanted to get my laptop out and write for a lil bit, but there was seriously no room for even that. Touched down in Boston 2hrs later, and finally got home to take a nice 7hr nap.

Woke up and did dinner with my dad. Went into Boston after that and got severely lost. My stupid ass forgot my GPS so was left to try to do the drive by memory and feel. Not a fun traveling day to say the least, but at least it’s done. Had a good night and got back today to shower and get ready for my sister’s graduation. About to go get my sister a present and then bounce. Hope all is well, and sorry about the bitching, lol



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