Free Video Playing LAG At 25 No Limit On PokerStars

This 30 minute video reviews a session I played at 25NL, playing a very laggy style at full ring.  Here were my stats from the session:

VPIP: 31%

PFR: 25%

Steal: 76%

3Bet: 14%

Profit: $52.20 (68bb/100)

Overall this was a fun session.  I discussed what I look for when lagging, how to increase preflop aggression levels, how to adjust postflop (in single raised and 3bet pots) and who to attack.  This video was also a precursor to my Playing Loose & Aggressive Poker article.  If you are looking to expand your poker game a bit, this video should help for sure.  It should also be viewable on mobile devices, tablets, and computers, so enjoy this video wherever you are!