Mar 21 – A Long Day Off…

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Even though today was a day off it didn’t feel like I actually any time off, lol. I got right to work once I woke up, shoveled for an hour, and worked for the rest of my hours awake. I meant to get some work done on a video (the draw vid I mentioned a little while back)…but I decided to spend some time working on other things instead. I have begun work on another site (not sure if I will actually have the time to continue it)…but we shall see. I just needed another project to release some right brain stress…and hopefully this does the job.

I have also been getting more poker in which has been feeling good. Made a vid for my proteges today, and have been trying to do at least 1 session per night (which will be easier in Vegas when the time zone is in my favor). I have been running pretty awfully (two different AA < KK aipf, and I've been getting 2-5 outted pretty liberally), but it happens. I will just keep grinding through it and keep hoping that I eventually run like the sun for a month or so =P . Everything else has been moving. I did 2 tank sessions with my students over the weekend, including my new favorite session called "INVERSE". The session forces students to look at hands from a different point of view which kind of reverse engineers the whole hand reading and default line process. I think I am going to throw in an extra one next month as well. I am also thinking about doing a public tank next month as I am really enjoying the big group coaching sessions. . And with that, I am going to go do some more work. I need to do some outlining and business thinking. I also ran across an amazing playlist for those who liked The Glitch Mob song I put on an earlier post. Enjoy!: Awesome “The Glitch Mob” Playlist


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