May 14 – More Events!

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So after I had my 4 $1K events get sold off within an hour, I decided that I would add another 3 events to my schedule (all $1.5K events). That took about 3hrs to sell off, so I am totally sold for events this summer. Should be fun to say the least =) I have no idea how I am going to be able to schedule my time with events taking random amounts of time…but I will figure it out. Cheers to a big summer!
I also just finished writing my COTW that is due in a few weeks on polarization. I think I am going to leave it alone for a bit, then recheck it right before I release it to ensure I still like it, lol. I am such a damn nit sometimes. Off to do some other writing, and then take a nap. Catch yall later =)


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