Month 1 – Results & Thoughts

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So the first month of my challenge is over.  Obviously my volume wasn’t large at all, but at least I was playing and pushing buttons again.  Over the month I came close to doubling the bankroll, but then hit “normalcy” turned the opposite direction.  Here is the graph:

Hands: 6,227 (92% 6max)

Profit: $62.41 ($30.51 + RB/Bonii)

BB/100: 4.9 bb/100

VPIP/PFR: 18/15

 Most of the volume was at 6max running 18/15 with a 5% 3bet.  Pretty much totally standard TAG stats…so at least nothing is glaring in terms of leakage.  However, I have many notes for this post…

  • I am averaging 6 tables.  After a couple of 8 tabling sessions, I think 6 tables is best for me right now
  • I suck at grinding.  What happens when I sit down with the goal of “I’m going to play for 1 hour and won’t leave this seat until I’m done” is that I enter some bizzare mental mode.  When I start a normal session with the goal of “I’m going to play until I feel I’m not playing my best or until I am tired” I usually run a very short session with a solid return.  I consider this my “burst session” and it tends to net me the best results (although the volume is always crap because the sessions are like 100-200 hands long).  I’m not 100% sure why this happens, but I think I get lazy in my longer sessions and don’t pressure every edge as best I can.  So I’m going to say forget it, focus more on playing burst sessions, and just let volume catch up when it catches up.
  • I need to improve my discipline.  Overall I played 12 hours this month, which is awful.  I could have easily played another 20 hours if I improved my discipline and just said “OK, it’s time to put in a session” rather than “eff it, I’m not feeling 100% perfect so I’ll just go play Halo”.  This needs to change over the next month…and while the volume may not be huge due to burst sessions…at least I’ll put in more sessions.
  • I’m running normal.  Winning some KK v QQ aipfs, never improving with AK v Q2 on 432, and running AA into 44 on 447A9 boards.  I need to keep reminding myself that I am holding in some spots rather than losing those as well…but these stupid spots where I run my overpair into their flopped set (btw, great job calling 3bets with any pair and always hitting a set!) don’t factor into my all-in equity graph.
  • Just a reminder, these are not my normal limits.  This is the first time I’ve ever played 10NL seriously, and obviously I have more than a $100 bankroll.  I am only doing this to challenge myself and get back to playing online again.
  • Overall I do feel good that I am playing some, am profitable (albeit over a small sample size), and am getting into some fun spots.  I’ll just keep chugging along and update a couple times next month as well =)


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