Nov 2 – Interesting Last Few Days…

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This week got started with a bang. I had 4 students yesterday, and after the first one was having some connection issues. I had some issues last week so i bought a new router, and that seemed to fix most of the problems. But my Viao had been having some problems (HEM was glitching, it had bluescreened randomly, etc.), so I just said fuck it all and bought a new laptop. This is my second laptop bought in the last 6months, and 4th laptop that I own…making me ridiculous, lol. Hopefully this one works well and for more than 2yrs…although I’m learning that laptops seem to have that expiration date on them the way that I use them.

Today I got my students and poker done then went down to the strip to pick up my uncle B and do dinner. It was nice to catch up with him, even though we had just seen eachother for Labor Day. Had a nice meal over at Monte Carlo and then I bounced out. I might see him this weekend as well…but we shall see. This week is going to be super long. I need to make about 100 images for my book (flopzilla/pokerstove screen shots, pie charts, etc.) which will be time consuming as all hell. Hopefully I can just get that all done in one Adderall boost and call it done =)
Past that, life has been peachy. Here is my random list for the post:

– Flagels have become my new favorite thing (flat bagels)

– My router came with the name “Peach Horse” as the default network name. I almost kept it for the total LOLs

– I got a new xbox account and have officially retired the “The7thEmpire” account

– Trying to reset up your pokersite/software/etc. settings is a massive PITA

– 6max is going well and I’m getting stronger with it. Still missing some VBs, but it’s adjusting

– I have a new hatred for people who drive on their brakes.

And on that note, here is a playlist I made for those looking for music to grind to. I will be listening to this on repeat while working the next few days. Hope all is well!

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