November 24 – Just Thinking Out loud…

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So the video I released a few days has been getting some views (around 500 or so uniques at the moment), not including the people that downloaded it. Very cool that I am getting that much more volume per video than I was about a year ago. There were some interesting comments left in the thread on the video, and I wanted to address them here (because I will personally read this post in 1yr…I will probably never check that thread again after it dies off):

Thanks for making this. Question – do you find this style is easier to play at 25NL than say 50 or 100NL? I ask because it seems like when I played 25NL, everyone folds to cbets all the time. lol But at 50NL+, this obv isn’t as much the case. And since you are looking for folds, do you find yourself double/triple barreling more to achieve this?

Another way of asking, I’d assume there would be fewer of the spots you are looking for the higher the stakes, so how does a LAG compensate for this?

In my opinion and experience this style works extremely well at lower limits, 25NL and 50NL especially. This is because the regs at these levels understand some basic things, like not making huge pots with weak hands. They understand this so well that they fold too damn much…leaving a huge opportunity for LAGs to make a healthy WR. I said in the video that the money now a days is in LAG…and I think that is true at these limits. If you try to play like this at 100NL or 200NL, you will most likely get killed. Players there will pressure you back, won’t give you the FE you so desire, and will make your life hell.

I just think alot of beginners to this strategy will look at how successful you were in this video and then boot up stars immediately, try to apply what they have seen, and get themselves into alot of trouble cause they dont get the hands you got.

This play style is not for everyone. Very importantly, and this will be touched on in the article I am writing in a few weeks, is that in order to be a successful LAG you have to be a successful TAG. You can be a LAG if you are a good TAG, but you cannot be a good LAG if you cannot TAG well. So don’t go try to run 30/25 if you don’t understand like all of a TAG play style…otherwise your leaks will stick out like sore thumbs

Why do folks who make a living from poker, or want to, educate others how to play better?

If you play at a higher limit, then fewer bad players, or less bad, will be moving up to your limit. It seems very ev-. You might learn something but I can’t see how that could out way all the cost of better educated opponents.

This is a very fair question that I actually get asked more often that I care to admit. You will notice that videos I give out for free do not go into anywhere near the detail I go into for say, my videos on Stox. I do these videos for entertainment and for some education. I also do them to show people fun stuff. I remember when I was coming up in this game I saw some vids of people playing super loose…if nothing else it was very entertaining…but I understood the underlying value in the videos.

I also do videos and posts and articles because I enjoy it. I enjoy teaching people, I enjoy giving back to a community that has given me quite a bit. Do I realize what I am doing to the games? Of course. Do I care? To an extent, of course. But these videos, much more so than my videos on Stox, give information that is useless without work. For example, my Equity Exploration video…this is the most popular video on my site and has gotten over 4000 unique views. The video gives a lot of info, and a lot of ways to start thinking and framing poker in a different way. Is the video going to make someone a tough player? Not unless the person takes the video, does the work, applies the lessons, and constantly thinks, reflects, and adjusts it.

That is why I give what I give. I have no problem giving someone the keys to the car knowing that they cannot start the car until they find it in the parking lot. I give information that is useless without work being put towards putting into context before putting it into a profitable strategy. I am a teacher…this is what I do for people that want things for free. If you pay for it, obviously I give it all to you…but again, it is useless unless you put in the work.

I will admit I am tired and that may only make sense in my head (I will re-read it in the morning, lol)…but those are my initial thoughts on the matter.

Hopefully you enjoyed my rambling



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