Oct 26 – Holy Variance Batman…

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Today’s session was sick. Dropped 5BI incredibly fast (playing 6max, and I didn’t even realize I had hit my SL) between getting it aipf with QQvAK, QQvKK, AKvQQ, and AQvKK (positional). Took an hour off and watched some old 30rock, then came back on and made it all back in 20minutes. My graph for the day looks like a gigantic “V”, and I really don’t feel bad about anything but one play I made with a gutty in a spot where I wasn’t getting enough folds yet still barreled. O well.

v graph

Speaking of sessions, I recorded two FR sessions today (I am doing some sessions at FR, and some at 6max), and I decided one was good enough to release as a free video. I ran like 18/18 with a 3b of 11%, over 35minutes or so. At first I didn’t think there were enough postflop spots to use it, but after watching it again I think there were enough useful spots (that are able to be extrapolated from). I will probably release that video tomorrow. And speaking of videos, I released the Dynamic Preflop Poker Strategy Video yesterday, so check that out (or at least the trailer!) if you have a minute.
The last few days have been alright…mostly just the same ol work, talking poker hands, trying to get a better grasp on 6max, and finishing up the book stuff. I have been happy with myself for going to the gym at least twice a week, and my strength is certainly increasing. Hopefully I can get out and get some disc golf in tomorrow…but the weather has been pretty crap (cold and windy)…so hopefully it’s nice out for once tomorrow. And on that note…I’m going to go pass out so I can wake up tomorrow and get a ton of grinding and chores done. Hope all is well!


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