October 14 – Things Are Happening

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So this week is cruising along. It seems that weeks just blend together faster and faster and yet, at the same time, it feels like I have been in Vegas forever. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been sleeping very well at all. I have been lucky to get to sleep before 6a any morning, and have been waking up at like 4p everyday in which I don’t have a student. My body likes the sleep, but I really wish it were more normalized. It sucks that I have been missing the market (I literally sleep during the whole damn thing)…but I have been messing around in some currency futures for paper trading which is going well so far. My swing strategy seems to be pretty damn strong, I just need to improve on my day trading strategies…which I am putting work into.

Got a text from Skelm (2p2 and Stox guy) last night about meeting up and grabbing a beer or w/e. Went down tonight and met him, and a few other 2p2rs at the Mirage. Very good time and really nice to have some very in depth strat conversation. A lot of them were 100-400nl guys that played with a different reg group (over on FTP)…and I found it funny that I recognized a lot of their regs from my old 100NL game there. I find it sad that I will probably for the rest of my life know how Tulegit21 plays, but it is what it is.

Kind of felt bad as Skelm’s friend was just getting into poker and really wasn’t able to get into the conversation much, but that happens when you are talking about how to handle 4b pots postflop and junk. I will probably meet up with them again at some point this week and play beer pong over O’Sheas or something. I can only imagine how badly I will play, but it seems like most of them have never played before, so I should have a pinch of an advantage =)

Everything else has been pretty much the same. Still waiting on a few checks from FTP and PS…I think I may have fallen into the bad group of checks from FTP, so I may have gotten screwed there….but it happens. Fingers crossed they show up soon enough.

Hope all is well



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