Sept 17 – Back In The Swing Of Vegas

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I got back to Vegas on Wednesday. I got a whopping 2hrs of sleep that night as I had to leave at 4a to make sure I beat traffic into Boston. I honestly have no idea how people do the commuting thing everyday. How the hell does one wake up in the morning knowing they have to spend the next 1.5hrs sitting in bumper to bumper traffic? It is absolutely mind bottling. The flight was fine…I couldn’t sleep, so I spent all of Wednesday tired as fuck, but at least I got a round of disc golf in before I crashed for 14hrs (literally).


Got back into the grindcore today. I am trying to set myself up with a nice schedule of grinding. But sadly, I am not playing the same game at all. I am bouncing back and forth between rush, RPM, PS (40-100), the occasional SSing, etc. On top of that, I am considering throwing some 6max in there as the games seem to be fairly good as well. I’m not sure yet…I’ll keep feeling around and see what I like, but having all the options is nice. I am running fairly bad, but overall breakeven for the month. However, because I don’t want to complain in every post, I will post up a winner:

Bad Beat – Rue St Catherine (???x?X?X?X) – 0.50/1.00
Seat #0: CO, $197.50
Seat #1: OTB (D), $78.81
Seat #2: SplitSuit (SB), $99.00
Seat #3: BB (BB), $89.21
Seat #5: UTG, $108.17
Seat #6: UTG+1, $101.42
Seat #7: MP, $114.93
Seat #8: HJ, $286.36
*** Blinds ***
SplitSuit posts the small blind of 0.50
BB posts the big blind of 1.00
*** Pre-Flop ***
SplitSuit got hole cards [ :Ad :Kc ]
UTG calls 1.00
UTG+1 folds
MP folds
HJ folds
CO raises with 4.50
OTB folds
SplitSuit raises with 12.30
BB folds
UTG folds
CO raises with 25.00
SplitSuit goes all-in with 86.20
CO calls 69.50
CO shows [ :Jh :Jc ]
SplitSuit shows [ :Ad :Kc ]
*** Flop *** Pot: 198
[ :Qh :3c :5c ]
*** Turn *** Pot: 198
[ :Qh :3c :5c ] [ :Ac ]
*** River *** Pot: 198
[ :Qh :3c :5c ] [ :Ac ] [ :9c ]
SplitSuit wins 196.50

(I have to figure out a nicer way to post hands from RPM, lol)
I also ended up getting a lift in tonight which was so necessary. I didn’t really get any exercise at all on vacation and I’m pretty sure I gained 10lbs and a lot of my muscle build up came off. So back to work we go I suppose. The next few days are pretty busy with coaching (3 tomorrows, 2 the next day, etc.), so I’ll just try to grind and lift around that. My goal is to stop eating out so much as I am burning an extra $300-$600/mo doing it, and I am trying to cut my caloric intake down again. And on that note…it’s time to go shower and sleep. Hope all is well!


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