September 16 – “The Flip”

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“The flip” is the peak of a downswing. The second that the downswing has snapped. I’m pretty sure I hit it the other day…and I will say, it feels lovely. Changed it up a bit, cut down some tables (back to 9 tabling) and started running looser again (~19/16 @ FR) to really utilize my strengths. Also noticed that I changed up “how” I session, and that I have just been bookmarking wins to get some confidence back again. I’m pretty sure I am at 85% winning sessions since, and even though slightly manufactured, it stills feels good.

Something the last few weeks have taught me is the importance in protecting your mental at all times. It is so easy to get drawn into tilting, and to make your tilt behavior your standard behavior. Or even to just change your outlook and game and have your A game degrade to a constant B game. Although I have no interest in manufacturing wins long run, I think it can be important to do occasionally, especially when losing could easily over affect your mood. For instance, I have daily goals, a certain amount of money I feel I can easily make. Yesterday I hit that after 2.5hrs of work, and decided to call it quits for the day (rather than putting in my 2 night sessions)…reason being I didn’t think I would handle a loss well and the risk/reward wasn’t good enough for me. Again, these are shortrun fixes, but should still be considered if you could mess up your mental.

That being said, I am feeling quite good about things right now. Went out tonight and grabbed dinner with Tao Of Jon from 2p2. Had some good conversation about poker as a profession and life shit in general. Always nice to get some insight into other people’s lives and see how poker fits into it. Also nice not to have the standard poker player convo over dinner (how much you make, the vacations you went on, and some insanely tough hand from 2yrs ago) =)

And on that note, I’m off to sleep. Need to hit the gym and grindcore tomorrow. Hope all is well, and enjoy the new playlists!



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