Week 1 Results & Thoughts

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So week 1 is over and I ended up playing 5/6 days (I started on a Tuesday).  I only put in 2.7K hands, which is obviously not a lot, but it felt good to be playing each day, even if my average session is really only about 45 minutes.  Here is the graph and import stuff:

 Hands: 2,737 (90% 6max)

Profit: $48.93 (before RB)

BB/100: 17.88 bb/100

VPIP/PFR: 18/14.5

I’m not thrilled with my VPIP/PFR gap right now and I think I’m calling 2bets just a pinch too liberally (although I’m still +$13 calling 2bets preflop).  I will look into this next week, as it’s a pretty easy thing to fix imo.  Overall I’m running a bit higher than all-in equity adjusted but mostly due to one hand where I tried a creative line against a TAG and happened to suck out (my AT v 87 on 863 in a 3bet pot).  But then again I did have some go against me (eg. a 3way aipf pot for 270bb with KK v QQ v 87 that I lost)…but it happens.

So here are a few things I’ve noticed:

    • I hate just starting on a new level because it takes awhile before you have useful sample sizes on players
    • 10NL 6max is much more aggro than I ever would have assumed
    • 10NL has many more regs than I ever would have assumed
    • Most regs either foldv3bets at 55% or 85%.  Not a lot in the middle at this level
    • Catching sets is still pretty tough to do
    • Hitting with draws is also still tough to do, lol
    • Regs get very confused against flop donks at this level
    • I need to improve my real-time decision making in 3bet pots postflop

Overall I’m happy with how things are going.  I wish I had more time to play, but family comes first and I have another big project in the pipe-line.  My goal is still to shot-take 25NL once my bankroll gets to about $250 as well.  A final note is that the rake here is brutal.  I’ve been keeping an eye on how much I pay and it’s really absurd imo.  But then again, it’s even more motivation get out of this level so the rake doesn’t affect my WR as much.  And lastly, I’ll leave you with my favorite hand of the week….anyone know what I was thinking?

$0.10 NL (6 max) – Holdem – 5 players

BB: $13.50
Hero (BTN): $10.21

Preflop: Hero is BTN with 9 6
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.30SB folds, BB calls $0.20

Flop: ($0.65)  A 6 2 (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $0.31BB raises to $1.41, Hero calls $1.10

Turn: ($3.47)  5 (2 players)
BB bets $2.15, Hero calls $2.15

River: ($7.77)  7 (2 players)
BB bets $6.50, Hero calls $6.35 and is all-in


BB showed K Q and lost (-$10.21 net)
Hero showed 9 6 and won $19.11 ($8.90 net)


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