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Study Hand Reading The Right Way

The best players not only study often – they study the right stuff. This workbook guides you through the hand reading process with exercises to help you understand your own ranges, your opponent’s ranges, and range vs range situations as well. If you’re ready to put in some serious study time to become a better hand reader – make it your goal to do 1 exercise/day and dive right into the first one now!


The Complete Hand Reading Course

“The Hand Reading Lab” is a complete course with one single goal: to make you a hand reading ninja. To become a top-tier player you need to know how to put your opponent on a correct range of hands at all times – and you’ll learn exactly how to do that with this course.


The Best Full Ring Poker Book

If you play full ring poker (with 9-10 players), this is the book for you. “Dynamic Full Ring Poker” is a comprehensive book that straddles the line between college-level textbook and strategy guide. With over 300 pages and tons of examples to hammer down each concept, you can’t get a better full ring education than this!