Matt Tagliaferri

Matt Tagliaferri is a freelance writer and poker player located in Cleveland, Ohio. Make sure to follow him on Twitter!

Please Bluff Me!

The whole point of observing other players at the poker table is to figure out their motivations for playing the way they do.  Players often make incorrect poker plays, but they have reasons for doing so.  If you can figure out the reasons, you can zero-in on their cards, and sometimes this

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Are You Positionally Aware?

Poker is just like American real estate – both are all about location, location, location.  In poker of course, your location at the table relative to the button is called position, and every poker book, article, and hand history conversation will bring up both your and your opponents position as part of the

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hand made gambling furniture

Building A New Poker Table

So, you’ve decided to host a home game, now you need a table to play on.  Playing at the kitchen table is fine for a family game night, but a serious home game needs a real poker table. Fortunately, there are many options in many price ranges to take your game to the

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